I am booking this flight

The second one is served by KLM which if we look on their website we can see that for a flight Cartagena - Amsterdam - Bucharest, if it is Economy Light the checked-in baggage is not included but it is included for Economy Standard.

How can I check which option is shown by skyscanner?

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I'm pretty sure it's Economy Standard.

In general, Skyscanner biases towards showing the lowest price for any flight/itinerary, so if this weren't an overseas flight (and you were just buying Cartagena - Amsterdam), I'd guess you'd get Economy Light. However, clicking through to the link on eDreams, I see that it says Check-in baggage included, suggesting it's Economy Standard.

Usually, airlines are a lot more generous with their long-distance international flights, given they're the most profitable!

Screenshot of eDreams page

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