My US passport is slightly damaged:

close up of passport damage

Wondering if the small bends and slight separation along the top of the back cover will be an issue.

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    that looks pretty normal to me. mine was actually beginning to physically bend and i never got hassled about it – la femme cosmique Sep 21 '18 at 17:35

It does not look like a damaged passport (at least just by looking at the picture). If you are still tentative about using it, I suggest you contact the nearest passport issuing centre. There are special passport fairs conducted across the United States. You may want to check one of the upcoming events.


I had my front cover of my Indian passport completely separate out from the biographic page and I did not think that would ever be a problem. But then one evening while travelling from India to New York, I was being held at check in and my passport was taken inside for supervisor recommendation. Luckily I was given back my passport and was asked to visit the Indian embassy in NYC for a new passport as soon as I land.

However, once i got back to NYC, I just used a glue stick to paste that cover to the biographic page and never had any problem during 4 of my next international travels.

  • Some countries are rather strict about it. Sticking with glue can be considered tampering with. Please don't recommend it and try replacing the passport. – Anish Sheela Oct 3 '18 at 10:14
  • I am not recommending it. Just stating my experience. And I have replaced it now. – Bhushan Kale Oct 3 '18 at 14:00

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