I am travelling to India via Hong Kong in December with wife and two children (aged 2 and 5). It's a nine hour flight which reaches HK at 7.00 in the morning. I am having trouble finding a place to stay which has early check-in times.

Most hotels I found have 2pm check-in time. Since I have young children who will be exhausted after such a long journey, I was hoping to at least find them a comfortable place to rest. We have the same problem with Check-out times as well. Our flights are at 7pm and most hotels have check-out time as 11.00am. Plus we have a lot of luggage with us since we are going to India for more than a month.

Wondering if there any accommodation suggestions which would suit us. Also would a place near airport be a good Idea or the city?


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Hong Kong is a very popular stopover city and many hotels offer guaranteed early or/and late checkin. Random examples, no affiliation or personal experience:

I would not recommend staying near the airport for a two-day stay, there's virtually nothing to do and the city is only half an hour away.

  • Thank you. These options are great help. Given me a direction now to go in.
    – User56756
    Sep 22, 2018 at 4:39

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