I recently received the DS-2019 form for the US J-2 visa application. The DS-2019 form is for my child (less than 14 yo) and requires signature by the applicant. Does this require:

  1. either parent (principal applicant) sign, or
  2. provide thumb impression, or
  3. leave it blank

What would be the correct choice for minor's DS-2019 form for J-2 visa application?


The DS-2019 form states on page 2:

The J-2 spouse/dependents should sign the J-2 form under Signature of Applicant unless the J-2 dependent is under the age of 14, in which case the J-1 exchange visitor, as the parent or legal guardian, must sign.

So you, as the person who is the J-1 visitor, should sign the J-2 DS-2019 form.


I think they have changed the rule. Page 2 para 2 say, "Parent or guardian must sign the J2 form if accompanying minor is under 16."

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