A few years ago I travelled to the Republic of Ireland from the UK, taking a ferry to Belfast and driving across the border from NI. As a UK national this wasn't a problem, but I'm trying to work out how it would work if I weren't.

For this scenario, let's assume:

  • I have a valid UK long-term visa
  • I'm not eligible for the Irish visa waiver scheme for holders of UK visas

As stated in this question I would need to get an Irish visa, but once I had it would it be legal to just cross the border, or would I need to report somewhere to have it checked / get my passport stamped?

  • It would be legal to just cross the border, however you need to report as soon as possible (within reason) to the closest checkpoint to have it checked / get your passport stamped. Sep 16, 2018 at 7:16


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