I was told greyhound was not supposed to charge military personnel $20.00 charge for changing tickets. My son had a change to his orders and we had to change his bus tickets to a week later.

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    Should we infer that your son was in fact charged $20 and you're trying to find out if he can get it back somehow? Or trying to find out whether the information you had was in fact correct? Did you want to ask about something else related to this situation? – phoog Sep 14 '18 at 21:54
  • I was trying to find out if they should have charged him the $20.00 to change his tickets because he is active duty military personnel and his orders changed due to Hurricane Florence and other military parents said their Marine didn't get charged.. and they all had the same type of refundable tickets booked for them – Cris Sep 14 '18 at 22:45
  • What did Greyhound say when you asked? – DJClayworth Sep 14 '18 at 23:41
  • 2 different agents.. one i couldn't understand but he said his bus was not cancelled and therefore i had to pay the $20 change fee. Honestly IDK if the person knew what marine corps or military meant. Another one told me the $20.00 fee would have been waived if i went in person to a greyhound station to change them. But because I called on the phone I had to pay $20.00 No rhyme or reason. Other guy I talked to said his son changed his & had same change in orders reporting dates and no fee & he did his over the phone. – Cris Sep 15 '18 at 1:38

There are just two sets of terms and conditions for Greyhound tickets:

  • Non-refundable but exchange but for $20 fee.
  • Refundable and exchangeable for free.

It seems the military discount may be applicable to either type.

I had a look through their National Promotional Fares and Programs in the Passenger Fare Sales Manual (intended for their ticket agents' use). Page 9.5 on the military discount states:

REFUND: Standard refund policy applies

Since the refund and exchange policies are always linked and one of the two options above, it seems the fee would depend of the type of ticket purchased regardless of military discount.

You commented:

and they all had the same type of refundable tickets booked for them

So it seems you should not have been charged the fee, if the tickets were indeed refundable.

  • I checked the Greyhound site and indeed the page describing the types of fares make no mention of any exemption from change fee for military personnel. Perhaps there used to be such an exemption. There is a 10% discount, but the page describing that also makes no mention of other benefits such as reduced or waived change fees. – phoog Sep 15 '18 at 0:33
  • Had a look in Greyhounds ticketing handbook. It's not the easiest document to understand but it also makes no mention of a special rule. – Carl Sep 15 '18 at 1:15
  • I seriously think it depends on who you get on the phone, because I know for a fact other marine corps active duty guys who had tickets had theirs changed and they waved the $20.00 fee. – Cris Sep 15 '18 at 1:32
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    @Cris nobody.with a refundable ticket is supposed to pay a fee. It's the non-refundable tickets that are subject to a $20 change fee. If the tickets really were refundable then anyone who had to pay a fee should complain, military or not. – phoog Sep 15 '18 at 1:49
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    It may be worth trying to contact them on Facebook or Twitter. It's often a different support team that handles social media requests, and they may be sensitive to the fact that charging a change fee to a service member who received orders due to a hurricane looks rather bad. And if nothing else, it can be less irritating than talking on the phone yet again. – Zach Lipton Sep 15 '18 at 3:12

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