I’ve been deported from Ireland at the airport. I did not have a copy of my hotel reservation with me, so I gave the airport clerk the hotel number; she called and she made sure about the reservation, but was not yet satisfied with me, so she asked me many questions and I lost my temper I told her “I’m tired and I want to relax; it’s a long flight and everything is alright."

So she got mad and she ordered to search my bag and my mobile device and personal belongings. She found in my mobile device text messages on Whatsapp where I was telling my friend I might visit her after relaxing few days in the UK. And the officer she came to me asking "You planning to go to the UK?" I said yes, she said "you don’t have visa for the UK". I said "I can apply for visa waiver, it takes only 2 days."

She did not like the idea and then I told her send me back home, and guess what I was deported for the reason of 'deception'. I did not know back then what the meaning of the word was; I’m not native speaker, so I just signed the paper and I wanted to end the situation ASAP.

The question now is if I apply for a visa for the Schengen zone to France or Italy, will they know about this disaster and will my visa end up rejected for it?

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    What’s your nationality? Did you have/need a Visa to enter Ireland? You were not ‘deported’, you were refused entry. Visa waiver entry doesn’t ‘take two days’, there’s no prior application process, it’s immediate at the border if you are deemed eligible. – Traveller Sep 14 at 13:31
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    Please edit your question so that is not a wall of text, remove all opinions (stick to the facts), and addressTraveller's questions in it. – Jan Doggen Sep 14 at 13:37
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    Your questions comes across as a rant although at the end clearly you have some questions. Kindly edit it. Also you must communicate professionally when you speak to an official who has the power and authority to grant or deny you some benefit. They have tedious monotonous jobs and you don't want to be the one to annoy them. – Musonius Rufus Sep 14 at 13:40
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    What paperwork were you given? Edit out your personal details and post it here. It will provide insight. – Musonius Rufus Sep 14 at 13:41
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    @greatone Poor maybe. Allowable certainly. – DJClayworth Sep 14 at 15:26

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