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I would like to know the following:

Assumption: suppose a person has surrendered/cancelled his Indian official passport and gotten back his regular passport, but he has a US visa valid until 2020 in his official passport.

Can he travel to the US with the new official passport and enter with the visa in the surrendered/cancelled passport?

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A valid visa in an expired or cancelled passport may be used in conjunction with a valid passport of the same type issued by the same country. Of course, the visa must be valid for the purpose of travel as well.

You write that you have "surrendered" your passport. If you did not get it back after it was cancelled, you are no longer in possession of your valid visa, and you will need to apply for a new visa.

Also, in one paragraph you write "and got back his regular passport" but in another you wrote "with new official passport," so I would like to underscore the requirement that the valid passport must be of the same type. You cannot use a visa in a cancelled official passport along with a valid regular passport.


Yes you can use your old passport's visa with your new passport!

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