I am looking into one-way flight from Europe to the USA. I have found a flight with 2 connecting flights, using Google Flights (it would book it from Condor):

POZ -> FRA (Lufthansa) FRA -> VYR (Condor) VYR -> SEA (Alaska)

Condor's baggage policy states that

If you have booked a Condor flight that includes connecting flights on another airline, and the departure or destination airport is in USA, Canada or Puerto Rico, the regulations of the airline operating the first flight of the itinerary (including the return journey, providing this is included on the same Condor ticket) will apply to the entire trip. If Condor is not the airline operating your first flight, a special policy may apply to your entire flight itinerary.

In this case, your free baggage allowance will be the baggage allowance of the airline running the connecting flight in the travel class booked for your Condor flight (Economy, Premium or Business Class).

First flight is Lufthansa and for Economy class that means one free checked baggage up to 23KG and one carry-on up to 8kg.

Checking the same flight at Expedia seems to agree with me - the estimated bag fee for the first checked baggage is 0$ and they look at Lufthansa's rules.

Does that mean that I will be able to get the Lufthansa's baggage rules, i.e. first checked baggage for free, baggage size and weight as accepted by Lufthansa, etc.?

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Since nobody answered: yes, I followed the Lufthansa's baggage rules and everything went fine. My bag was almost 23 kg (22 something) and there was no problem or additional charge.

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