Is it absolutely necessary to print a paper copy of a boarding pass on Blue Air Romania, or is there an option to show it on a mobile phone?

What happens if online check-in is done, but the boarding pass is not printed? Is there a fee charged for getting a boarding pass at the airport, and if so what is the fee? Where is it listed?

On the Blue Air website, I failed to find such information.


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I don't know what happens in practice if you don't print the boarding card, but according to their rules you have to do it.

... passengers are supposed to print on paper their boarding pass and show it at the boarding gate, border police and security check, together with the rest of the necessary travel documents.
The Boarding Pass is a document formed of 2 (two) pages. One page of the boarding pass will be handed to the agent at the boarding gate, the second one will remain at the passenger.


I've travel many times with Blueair and can confirm that your boarding card will be printed free of charge at check in.

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