I am a Pakistani student in Germany with a Schengen visa. I need to visit the UK. What would be the (short stay) visa requirements?

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    gov.uk/check-uk-visa This might help you. Fill in steps and you'll see if you need a visa and which one. – Rprogrammer Aug 15 '18 at 9:57
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    You can't use your Schengen visa to enter the UK. Without your nationality we can't help you further. – user79658 Aug 15 '18 at 10:11

Your Schengen visa isn't valid for the UK although it might make it more likely that you'll be granted a UK visa.

You can check the UK government web site to determine what visa you might require, if any.

In your case, as a Pakistani citizen you will probably need a Standard Visitor Visa: the web site I linked to will tell exactly what you need if your needs differ.

You can apply for a visa through TLSContact, who have centres in Munich, Dusseldorf and Berlin.

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  • There are some purposes for which a visitor needs a different kind of visa, but the question does not specify the purpose of the visit. – phoog Aug 15 '18 at 11:18
  • @phoog Good point. Answer updated accordingly – user79658 Aug 16 '18 at 3:28

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