Idjwi is an island located in the middle of Lake Kivu, between Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, belonging to DRC.

The Idjwi Island official guide mentions

Recommended Ferrys run from either Goma / Bukavu.

Both of those cities are located in DRC.

Is there any way to visit it directly from the Rwandan side? Or do I have to pass the border in Goma / Bukavu and catch a ferry there?

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    It's hard to tell whether that site is actually official; it may be a tour company. Google the phone number and a dozen sites come up, all for package tours/treks. Each one has a disclaimer .. not affiliated with ICCN. The Bradt Congo guide 2008 says a Rwanda crossing is/was around Kibuye. – Giorgio Aug 10 '18 at 15:12

I assume that is the only way.

From another website:

Visiting Idjwi Island is super-easy from either Goma or Bukavu-- and is highly highly recommended, for a peaceful, friendly and very scenic island.

Additional information:

Boats from either Goma or Bukavu are plentiful-- either take the MV Mugote, or MV Emmanuel (not Emmanuel 2), or MV Iko (though this one really looks like it's on its last legs). There are plenty of other boats going between Goma and Bukavu but they don't stop on Idjwi. Fares are about $15 for first-class from either Goma or Bukavu, and takes 3-4 hours from Goma and 2-3 hours from Bukavu.

Since 2 fairly official websites give that information I would trust it.

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