I am an Indian national flying Tokyo-Honolulu-LA-Havana with different airlines with a US C1 transit visa.

  1. Will Scoot Airlines, when flying from Tokyo to Honolulu, create any problems as I don't have any other boarding passes yet, and for them my final destination is Honolulu? I hold a C1 visa, not a B1/B2.
  2. Will the immigration official in Honolulu ask for boarding passes for my final destination, as online check-in only opens 24 hours in advance and my transit it more than 24 hours?
  • I'm curious if in your part of the world, boarding passes are usually required, rather than confirmations? As you point out, that would be challenging if check-in hasn't opened yet Aug 7, 2018 at 17:16

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You should not be required to have boarding passes. Your ticket should be sufficient. A C-1 visa is valid for transits of up to 29 days (8 CFR 214.2(c)(3)), so requiring boarding passes would be impractical.

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    @Kumar You don't need boarding passes at immigration, and you can leave the airport too. Aug 6, 2018 at 14:16

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