In order to obtain a motorcycle license in France (permis A1 for example), must one necessarily possess a car driver's license? Is there any way to legally drive motorcycles in France without having already obtained a car driver's license?

  • There is something strange about this question. No, you cannot drive a motorcycle without a motorcycle license which is independent of a car license! You need at least 7 hours in a french driving school on several days to get a A1 license and you must pass a theoretical and practical exam and your home country does not need to accept the license! This is not really a travel question, more for expatriates. And it sounds like the typical rip-off where people who are barred driving try to get the EU license to circumvent the prohibition. Aug 2, 2018 at 13:11

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Not at all. An A1 or A2 permit doesn't require to get a B permit first, or later. I've known people who got their A1 permit way before they B permit, and even one guy who never got his B permit, as he wasn't interested in driving cards.


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