I’m an American, and I’m going to the UK on a tier 4 student visa. Under this visa, I’m allowed to work 20 hours/week with a UK employer. I must file taxes in both the US and the UK each year that I am there.

My American employer has offered to let me work remotely while I’m overseas, but I don’t anticipate them sending enough work to cover all of my expenses. Am I able to work both a part time UK job as well as work remotely for my American employer?


The UK government's document explaining the Tier 4 student visa (application, documents required, and terms) is located here.

You'll see in Section 311 et seq that the hours of employment and types of work are limited. I don't see anything in this document that would limit your work to only a UK employer, but the Tier 4 visa does appear to limit your total work hours.

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