Does anybody know the price of the train between Hendaye and San Sebastian as of today? Just the price of a single ticket.

Each website appears to give a different price and I find the pdf of the official site very confusing...

Is it 6.30€ (Interterritorial) or 5.50€ (PASSEUSK (LASARTE-BAIONA)) or 12€ (PASSBASK (LASARTE-BAIONA))?

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I asked them directly on Twitter:


Edit: As mentioned by dunni, this price can be found in the Guipuzcua column (right) for 2 zones.

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    That would be in the GIPUZKOA section in IDA: JOANEKOA IDA (right column of the 3).
    – dunni
    Jul 25, 2018 at 9:12

Not 100% sure, but for a single ride I would say it's 1.95 €.

See the line


with 2 zones (Hendaye is in Zone 8 and San Sebastian in Zone 7 and you don't cross any other zones). PassBASK and PassEUSK are 24-hour tickets for different areas.

  • Thanks dunni. That could be as well, but the title of the table is "Bizcaia". I'm not sure if a train until Hendaye would be included as inside it.
    – J0ANMM
    Jul 24, 2018 at 13:47
  • It says Bizkaia, but also "1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8", so i would assume those fares include to the whole zone 8, not only half of it.
    – dunni
    Jul 24, 2018 at 13:55

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