Google Street View doesn't work in Hyderabad, India (mirror). Where can I get street views of Hyderabad, similar to Google Maps?

I unsuccessfully tried:


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Google Street View does work in Hyderabad, however, only in certain regions.

Example near the Central University.

Unfortunately Google tends to have the most extensive version of this technology. OpenStreetMaps doesn't have the power or scope. Panoramio used to be fantastic for looking at locations, but they've closed as well.

Unfortunately, you're probably restricted to looking at images on flickr, google maps / images, or other photo sharing services.


https://www.mapillary.com offers images of a number of streets in Hyderabad, and while you can click through them in a similar fashion to Google maps, they are not 360 images. The majority of the images are sourced from dashcam footage.

Current Hyderabad coverage:

enter image description here

Screenshots of the interface with street view (focused on Banjara Hills):

enter image description here

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