I have a Indian passport and i I have a Canada visitor's visa. I will be in Canada for one month. After that is it possible for me to go to the US-Canada border and get a 1-week visa, so I can visit my sister for 3, 4 days?

If not, is there any other solution? I cannot apply for a US visa from India because I will be traveling to Canada on 18th July.


You can apply for a US visa at a US consulate in Canada. You cannot get one at the border.

But processing times in Canada can be very long.

For example, the wait time for an appointment in Toronto is 70 days. Calgary and Quebec city are somewhat more reasonable at 14 days.

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    The embassy in Canada has also repeatedly warned that nonresidents of Canada, while they may apply, may have a more difficult time proving they qualify for the visa. – Michael Hampton Jul 14 '18 at 14:09
  • @MichaelHampton that is true. But it could just be a standard disclaimer like "your visa does not guarantee entry into the United States." It's hard to know how much more difficult a time a specific person would have, or what circumstances that question might depend on. – phoog Jul 14 '18 at 18:01

You can ask at the consulate, but apart from the timescale, you'll have to prove to them that you're not using this visa as a backdoor to enter the USA illegally. Going to "visit your sister" is something they've probably heard many times before.

Probably easier/quicker for your sister to visit you in Canada.

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