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I'm a Tunisian citizen residing in Jordan and flying to the USA for a round trip. I have a long layover of 20 hours in Heathrow airport and want to visit London. Do I need a visa to explore London?

Many thanks in advance.

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You might be in luck - even though Tunisian citizens require a visa to leave the airside area of the UK's airports, there's a subclause:

Nationals of ALL countries (RED [underlined] and BLACK above) need a visa to transit LANDSIDE unless they hold one of the following: (i) a valid visa for entry to Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA and a valid airline ticket via the UK as part of a reasonable journey TO that country

(Tunisia is listed in black.)

If you have a visa for your USA visit, you should be ok. I'd check it with your local UK consulate/embassy though to be certain, as "a guy on the internet told me" isn't a threshold many customs officers respect.

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