My flight has been cancelled. I flew another day, which resulted in over 24 hours delay. The airline is based in the EU and so is the destination airport.

I have a single booking for two passengers. Should I make a single claim for both passengers, or should each passenger make separate claims for compensation?


If you haven't already begun the process, Europa.EU has the form which can be used to lodge a complaint with the airline and/or national authority. It lets you include all passengers affected.

Claim your rights

Step 1 : Complain to the airline
You should first send your complaint to the airline using the EU-wide air passenger rights complaint form.

Step 2 : Complain to national authorities
If you don't receive a reply from the airline within 2 months or if you are not satisfied with the reply, and if you consider that your EU air passenger rights were not respected, you can lodge a complaint with the relevant national authority in the country where the incident took place, within a reasonable time-frame.

The national authority should provide you with a non-binding legal opinion on how to proceed with your claim.

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