I'm travelling with my boyfriend this year to the UK and we want to take an overnight trip to Paris. He has a Japanese passport, I have a British one. We want to take the Eurostar together.

Does he need to prepare a visa for this trip? Any advice for us? I've been to Paris once from the UK but I'm not sure how it works for a non-EU passport.


Japanese passport holders have visa free access to the Schengen Area and the UK, he will just have to go in a separate queue at immigration for non-EU passport holders and get a stamp in his passport.

Do Japanese passport holders need a schengen visa?

Do Japanese passport holders need a UK visa?

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    There are a few requirements like a machine-readable passport, passport validity, etc, but I expect them to be the same as for the UK. – jcaron Jun 28 '18 at 8:54
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    You can join him in his passport queue, if you want. – Willeke Jun 28 '18 at 10:23
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    When using the Eurostar, at St Pancras there are usually no separate queues for EU/EEA/CH citizens v the rest of the world. There are separate queues at Gare du Nord on the way back though. Note that he will have to fill out a landing card in that direction. – jcaron Jun 28 '18 at 14:41

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