I am applying for a visa to attend a conference in Greece. My nationality is from a country that requires prior consultation, so the visa process takes three weeks. However, I submitted the application just 11 days before the flight.

Now, two questions:

  1. Assume that the Greek embassy finishes the paperwork and I meet all the conditions, but they finish it after my conference. Do they still issue the visa?
  2. If the visa is issued after my conference, I will obviously not fly to Greece. I can still go to other Schengen countries within the 3-month visa period, and possibly the Embassy of Greece might get angry about this case and consider this as a negative point for further visa applications. However, do all other Schengen countries put me in such a red-list if I do this?

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  1. Possibly not, but that is their call. They should conclude that the premise of the trip is no longer applicable.

  2. Schengen visa are not always granted for 3 months validity. They may be issued just for the days of the planned visit. This is more common for first-time applicants.

    • A single-entry visa should be used for the premise of the application.
    • A multiple-entry visa should be used first for the premise of the application, afterwards it can be used for other trips within the duration and validity.

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