I was born in China, immigrated to Canada and obtained Canadian citizenship. I did not renounce my Chinese citizenship. After obtaining my Canadian passport, I went back to China for a while. I later returned to Canada via the US. I have a 10-year US visa on my Chinese passport and I used to it to travel to the US. Then I flew to Canada using my Canadian passport. Therefore, the last record on my Chinese passport is me entering the US. While in Canada, I decided to go study in the UK, so I applied for a student visa using my Canadian passport.

Currently I am in the UK as a Canadian international student and have just completed most of my studies. My dissertation is on the Chinese consumer market, so I am planning to return to China to conduct my research. However, I am very confused as to how I could return to China without the Chinese authorities finding out that I have two passports. Which passport should I use to travel?


Travel back to the US first, and enter with your Chinese passport. Get an entry stamp. Then fly to China, using your Chinese passport. You should be ok, since the last stamp is the US. Where you're coming apparently from.

However, if the Chinese immigration dud(in)e is awake at the wheel, you might face a few questions, regarding where you were in between.

Flying to China is never 100% safe for dual citizens.

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    I'd like to add that flying back is mostly safe, because for Chinese biometric passport holders the entry process is mostly automated. But when you leave China you might be scrutinized. – xuq01 Jun 27 '18 at 8:30

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