I want to take the kids to see the snow but I don't want to stay overnight and Ideally, I want them to have a play but without having to be too involved such as getting chains on the car or staying overnight.

This is based on the greater Melbourne area in Victoria Australia.

  • Just for future visitors, check when there is a big storm because there can also be snow on mount macedon which is closest. – Polypipe Wrangler May 30 '20 at 11:43

Somewhere like Mt Buller can be an option - about three hours drive from Melbourne, it only requires snow chains under some conditions:

Wheel chains

If you're driving to Mt Buller and staying overnight, you will need to carry wheel chains by law. If you're visiting for the day, you may or may not need to carry chains depending on snow and road conditions. The daily wheel chain declaration is made each afternoon and is communicated via a number of channels - click here to view the current wheel chain declaration.


You can also catch a coach to and from Mt Buller without needing to drive at all and hence not needing chains. The times allow the majority of the day to be spent at the snow.

Mt Donna Buang is closer to Melbourne (less than 100 km away), frequently has snow, and doesn't necessarily need chains but are recommended:

Chains? Not usually needed but a good idea to have. No business in Warburton supplies chains. As a gazetted road, VicRoads maintain and grade snow from the roads and carparks - generally sufficient to get vehicles without chains to the carparks. But if you have chains bring them. Note there is no guarantee that 2WD vehicles will have access to a mountain of snow. Chains and/ or 4WD are best - or seek advice locally about conditions before heading up.


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