I will travel to Iran for a few weeks and I wanted to know if I can bring the two USB keys I always have with me:

  • One with Tails OS installed on it.

  • The other with two partitions, with one encrypted.

I guess both are forbidden. But as a tourist, can I have trouble just by having this on me (no matter the contents of the key)? How likely is it that during a control (at the border, in airports...) they check what is on the keys?

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    "I guess both are forbidden" You guess or do you have a reference saying that they are forbidden ? what's tails ? – Max Jun 21 '18 at 22:49
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    Do you mean that it has Tails OS on it? – Giorgio Jun 22 '18 at 0:01
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    What specifically are you concerned about? Are you more concerned about just having an encrypted partition, or are you worried about the actual contents of the keys? – Robert Columbia Jun 22 '18 at 16:26
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    You'd better read the ITAR rules (assuming you are travelling to Iran after having been in the USA), a lot of software and electronics falls under "dual use". – Ben Voigt Jun 23 '18 at 1:13
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    I've never seen the content of electronic devices being checked in the airport in Iran. Only passport check. So no worries, unless you are a specific person they are after! – Meysam Jun 23 '18 at 7:54