I'm a British citizen applying for a Chinese tourist visa for a trip of 8 days, flying into and out of Beijing from the UK.

The application form asks for hotel details for the entire trip, but the itinerary isn't finalised yet.

Do I need to have a complete, accurate, and final itinerary before I can get the visa? Or can I submit a best guess as to where I'll be staying?

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You are not held to your specific itinerary. Just write your current plan, and if that changes, so be it.


You can just put your most likely destination(s). They may also ask for flight reservations but the agency I used said outright book, print, cancel, which is what I did.

As a foreigner, the hotel will register you with the local authorities automatically so the address on the visa application really is a formality. And if you're applying for a multiple-entry visa, it's a complete non-issue.


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    book, print, cancel - remember China has a lot of human resources and big data in play... In 2 years this hack will not work any more :) Nov 23, 2018 at 13:22

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