I submitted my France visa application 10 days ago. And I have a receipt with a tracking number that looks like this:


I was asked to log in to this website to check the status. And the status says:

French: Votre demande de visa MONT/010857/0390/03 a été reçue du Consulat Général de France au Centre de visas à Montréal le 06/06/2018.

English: Your processed application ref no. MONT/010857/0390/03 has been received from the Consulate General of France at France VAC in Montreal.

I didn't choose the mail to door option, which means that I am supposed to go there and pick it up myself. But I find the status above is super vague. What does it mean by "has been received from the Consulate General of France", does it mean that I can go pick it up now?


Yes it does mean that. The VAC has received your documents back. You can collect them.

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