is it possible to validate a ticket for a vaporetto twice, ie. to allow travelling for two people on single ticket? Or every passenger has to have his own ticket? I have 4 rides left on mine and my friend has none so it would be great if we can use that instead of buying new ticket. I didnt find anything on ACTV website... Thanks!

  • What kind of ticket do you have?
    – JoErNanO
    May 29, 2018 at 10:58

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Ok, I got official response from ACTV.

We reply to your request informing that If the travel card includes more than one tickets ( ie. 4 waterbus rides) you can validate them for the other passengers.

For instruction please visit this link:


Thank you for writing us, kindest regards

Back office call center Hellovenezia

Servizio Vendite indirette e Customer service

www.velaspa.com www.veneziaunica.it

VE.LA. S.p.A.

Isola Nova del Tronchetto, 21 - 30135 Venezia

T. +39 041 2424

F. +39 041 2722693

I'll quote the part containing info from the mentioned website:

Do you have tickets on your card that you want to validate for your travel companions to use?

1) After you have validated for yourself, move your card away from the validator;

2) press [ ? ] and wait for the yellow light;

3) near your card to the centre of the validator within 3 seconds (see picture);

4) keep it there, read the ticket titles on the display and press [ OK ] when the ticket you want appears: you have validated another ticket! Then, press [ + ] the same numbers of times as the number of extra tickets you need. Press [ - ] if you have to subtract tickets. Finally press [ OK ]

What is even funnier is that I asked the same question in the ticket booth and I was told, that it isn't possible and every traveller has to carry his own ticket.

So probably you can either stick to the email response I got and possibly face italian ticket controller (there may be a language barrier) or play it safe and buy separate tickets.

If anyone has anything to add, feel free to comment or post, I'll incorporate the info in this answer.

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