Could you please tell me where can I purchase ground coffee around Kata beach, Thailand?

I've tried various small shops like 7-Eleven and Tesco Express, but they only sell instant coffee.

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  • @jpatokal OK, sure, but it's very location-specific and the information will quickly go out of date. So, while it's not a price shopping question, it is a shopping question that should be closed for all the same reasons. – David Richerby May 25 '18 at 14:56
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Try Starbucks:

Kata Center, 4 Taina Road Tambon Karon, Amphoe Mueang Chang Wat Phuket 83100, Thailand +66 76 285 282 https://g.co/kgs/nG2McT

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    I've bought a package of very nice ground coffee from Starbucks, thanks! Didn't know they sell the raw coffee. – Slava Fomin II May 27 '18 at 17:15

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