I want to travel to Toronto, Canada from Boston, USA by road with my 2 and half year old Siberian Husky. I wanted to understand what documents do I need for myself as a F1 visa holder and my dog to cross the border.


To enter Canada as a temporary visitor, you need your passport and a visa for Canada. A US visa alone will not permit you to enter Canada. (And to expedite your return to the US, because you're in F1 status, you should bring your I-94 and I-20.)

Your dog needs a current rabies certificate, written in English or French, or EU pet passport. Canada's complete requirements for importing your dog (of which this is but the most important of them) are listed on their web site.

Dogs may enter Canada if they are accompanied by a rabies vaccination certificate.

Rabies Vaccination Certificate

The European Union pet passport is an acceptable alternative to the rabies vaccination certificate as long as all the required elements outlined below are included.

The rabies vaccination certificate must:

  • be written in English or French;
  • be issued and signed by a licensed veterinarian;
  • identify the animal (breed, sex, colour, and weight);
  • state that the animal is vaccinated against rabies;
  • indicate the date of vaccination;
  • indicate the trade name and the serial number of the licensed vaccine; and
  • specify the duration of immunity (otherwise, it will be considered valid for one year from the date of vaccination).

Animals That Do Not Meet Canadian Rabies Import Requirements

If a dog does not meet the Canadian rabies import requirements, owners will be required, at their own expense, to:

  • have the animal vaccinated against rabies within a specified period of time; and
  • provide the vaccination record to a Canadian Food Inspection Agency office.

Please note that the option of rabies vaccination upon arrival is not available for dogs less than 8 months of age imported under the commercial category.

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