I would like to know if there are showers in Dubai terminal 3 transit area. As we only have an hour half between flights


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Per Sleeping in Airports:

Showers - Showers are available in the Gym [ see Health Club above ] and lounges [ see Airport Lounges above ]. There are also free shower facilities at the following locations: Terminal 3, between Gates A1 - A24, Gates B13 - B19 and Gates C18 and C22.

So there are free showers in each of Terminal 3's concourses.

Note that an hour and a half may not be sufficient time for a shower. The minimum connection time is at least an hour, and if you're flying Emirates, you must be at the gate at least 20 minutes before departure. You may have time if your flight is on time, there isn't much of a wait at transfer security, the gates aren't far apart, and there's no line for the showers, but it's possible you won't have time.

Update: There is an exhaustive guide to the shower options at Where can I take a shower at Dubai Airport?. Note that you'll need to bring your own towel for the free showers.

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