Since Colombian embassy's (in Germany as well as in India) website is in Spanish, I am not able to gather the information needed.

I need to know if an Indian national, who already has Schengen Visa (for Schengen area in Europe), need to apply for Colombian visa to travel from Germany to Colombia.

I read that in the year 2017, some new visa rules have been implemented by the Colombian government, and according to it, citizens of India, China, Thailand etc don't need a Colombia visa if they already have a valid Schengen visa.

It would be very nice if somebody could guide me, where to find the travel visa information on this Consulate of Colombia in Frankfurt page

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To find the info you need, select ‘Visa’ under ‘Servicios Consulares’, then on the next page select ‘¿Necesito una visa? Assuming you have an ordinary Indian passport and want a standard visit visa, the website response (copied below) states that a holder of a US or Schengen Visa valid for at least 180 days at the date of entering Columbia (not a transit visa) or a residence permit doesn’t need a visa to enter Columbia. Otherwise a visa is required. “No necesita visa para ingresar a Colombia si es titular de visa de EEUU o Schengen con una vigencia mínima de 180 días al momento del ingreso a Colombia (no es admisible visa para tránsito aeroportuario) o es titular de residencia en un estado miembro del espacio Schengen o de los Estados Unidos de América. En caso contrario: Debe solicitar visa. Póngase en contacto con el consulado de Colombia más cercano a su lugar actual de residencia. VISA DE VISITANTE - TIPO V: prevista para el extranjero que quiera visitar Colombia una o varias veces o permanecer temporalmente en el país sin establecerse de manera permanente.”


If anyone else is still looking for this. Here is some official documentation stating that Indians with Schengen or US Visa may enter Colombia.


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