What options do I have to see the Niagara Falls from a bird's eye view?


The views are pretty sweet from some of the hotels. Here's one from a room that cost me $25 extra for a "falls view room":

Falls view

Really, it's from the room:

Falls from hotel room with window frame showing

I'm pretty sure it was the Sheraton.

Update: since someone mentioned the Skylon tower, here's a shot (on a fairly old cellphone) from the restaurant.

US falls from Skylon tower

Go up for dinner on a night they have fireworks, and you can see fireworks from above, which is very cool.

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    Based on the angle (and the window frames!) this looks like the old "Sheraton Fallsview" which is now the "Marriott Gateway on the Falls".
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    Dec 25 '12 at 22:20
  • And at this time of year you can get some sweet, sweet deals on Niagara Falls hotel rooms. Dec 27 '12 at 19:58

You can do a helicopter tour, many tour agencies provide this kind of tour on both the USA and Canada sides. Prices are a little bit expensive ($110+) but it's worth every penny.

I picked up random tour agencies from Google search, one on the Canadian side and the other on the American side.

Helicopter tour

Furthermore, there is a skydiving center near Niagara falls, not sure if you will be able to see the falls from that high but you can give it a try for $299.


In addition to the hotels and helicopter tours that are already mentioned, it is also possible, to access one of the two towers that were built for that purpose:

The Konica Minolta Tower Center has a visitor platform at 99 meters and offers a view over the Horseshoes Falls.

enter image description here

A more popular option is the Skylon Tower that offers a really great view over all of the falls.

enter image description here


We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel with a falls view room and we had great views of both the American and Canadian falls. We fell asleep watching the light show on both! Exceptional!

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