I am from India. My husband is going to the UK to work for 5 months. So I want to go with him as a tourist, but I'm unemployed and don't maintain a proper bank balance to travel. But I can manage all of the travel expenses before leaving, which would be given by my father-in-law from India. I can show his bank balance details. Is this approved in the UK visa application?

  • What visa is your husband on? – BritishSam Apr 23 '18 at 10:48
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    Since you are married, it will be understandable that one of the partners won't have a bank account and a job. They will look at the situation and finances of the entire family. There could be a problem if they found that your husband was seen as a low risk of overstay as long as his family stays in India, because then both of you coming raises the perceived risk of overstay for both of you. – o.m. Apr 23 '18 at 14:53

You will need to demonstrate strong ties to India that are a compelling reason to return but without a job and assets of your own this will likely be very difficult to do. Obtaining funds from your father-in-law to improve the appearance of your financial situation is unlikely to help. There is an excellent answer here UK visa refusal on V 4.2 a + c (and sometimes 'e') that may help you.

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