I live in Poland with refugee status. I know that I am free to travel within Europe with my permit and travel document. What about traveling to South America?

I am originally from Turkey, and Turkey allows me to travel to Brazil without a visa. But what about where I am now? I don't have a passport from Turkey, but I have a refugee travel document issued by Poland. Can I travel to Brazil (to visit a friend for 15 days) without a visa?

  • I can try a phone call to the brazilian embassy in Warsaw to settle it – jean Apr 24 '18 at 11:16
  • In general, to benefit from a visa exemption based on nationality, one must prove that nationality by presenting a passport issued by the country of nationality. Some countries give visa-free access to refugees (perhaps depending on the country that issued their refugee travel document), but that is a different matter. – phoog Aug 17 '18 at 15:33

According to Timatic, the database used by airlines to check what documents are required, you need a visa for Brazil, a refugee travel document is not enough.

You are correct that Turkish citizens can enter visa free, but you would need a passport issued by Turkey (and getting and/or using one would jeopardize your refugee status).

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