I am planing to obtain a visit visa for the UK, my parents sponsoring for my trip, and my friend, who is in London, will bear my expenses during my short stay. Do I still have to show a big amount in my bank? And how should I show that my parents are sponsoring me?

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  • They want to see the bank accounts of those who pay for your trip to decide if the money is legally earned, and if it is plausible as a gift to you and not a loan. To make this plausible, the expenses are looked at in relation to their income and savings.
  • They want to see your bank accounts to gauge if you are in a stable situation at home and likely to return there, as explained by Gayot Fow in What is the Purpose of Bank Statements.

So they'll want to see some of your parent's bank accounts.

The relation of income and expenditures is much more important than the amount of savings. For example, if you write that you are a student, they would expect that you get a little money, either from your parents or from a part-time job, and that you spend most of it on a room, food, clothing, and books. That's what students do, that's what parents do, and normal is good.

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