I am landing at Frankfurt late at 10+ pm. Thinking to rest for a night before continue the land transit to destination. Any idea what is the value for money hotel that I could stay for a short night? Of course with all my luggages.

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There's a Hilton Garden Inn directly connected to the airport (FRA, let us know if you're going to HHN), which you could consider.

It's also a 12 minute trip by train from FRA to the city's main train station, which has connections all over the city, so you could use any hotel booking site to find a hotel in the city near public transit that meets your personal definition of "value for money." You could also give thought to where your land transit leaves from.

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    +1 for taking a train to the city (although he should probably plan for something like 30 minutes arrivals-to-Fra Hbf) – George Y. Apr 20 '18 at 7:27
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    Trains go every 15 minutes (platform 1), until midnight. After midnight there are still trains, but the schedule is changing frequently due to construction works. – asdfex Apr 20 '18 at 9:38

Hilton and Sheraton are right in the airport. There are cheaper offsite locations very close by, but you will need to use their shuttle. For example for a midweek night next week, you'd pay around $130 for Sheraton or Hilton and offsite locations could be less than $80 (Ibis, Moxy, Park Inn Radisson)

If you go offsite, I would recommend contacting the hotel up front about shuttle instructions (pick up point, schedule, number to call, etc.). The airport is huge and fairly convoluted.

Stating the obvious: Typing "Frankfurt Airport Hotels" into Google will give a great overview of choices, prices and locations for any given date.

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