I am thinking about trying Norwegian from New York to Rome. What are your experience in terms of how comfortable the flight is? Is it really cramped? Regarding the meals, I see on this page that you need to pre-order your meal. Is there a price list anywhere? Are you allowed to bring your own food?

Main question I want an answer for: Do "Low Fare" passengers need to pay for meals? If so, is there a price list anywhere?

  • One question at the time please. Your first question ("is it comfortable") is off-topic for this site because it's completely subjective. You're always allowed to bring your own food (with some limits, you may get into trouble trying to eat durian or surströmming). – gerrit Apr 8 '18 at 8:54
  • @gerrit Thank you for the comment. I edited my question. – user Apr 8 '18 at 13:20
  • From what I understand, Norwegian is an ultra-low-cost airline, and thus charges for absolutely everything when you buy their lowest fares. – Jim MacKenzie Apr 8 '18 at 14:23
  • Recent experience with Norwegian (737-800, BUD-ARN) on Ultra-Low cost: Free wifi, comfortable leg space (I'm 180cm), felt roomier than Ryanair, I could even stretch my legs which isn't always the case with Ryanair. I would pick them over Ryanair, and with the free Wifi, I'd even pick them over some non-ultra-low-cost carriers. KLM etc will obviously have better comfort though. Food and drinks are extra. – Bertware Apr 8 '18 at 20:27

While the Economy menu is specifically included for LowFare+ and Flex tickets, it's only available via pre-order for LowFare.

From https://www.norwegian.com/us/travel-info/on-board/food-and-drinks/international-long-haul-flights/


If you're flying on a LowFare ticket, our Economy menu is available to pre-order. Keep in mind that pre-ordering your meal must be done at least 72 hours prior to departure. Don't feel like having a full meal on board? The snack bar is open between servings, so you won't go hungry.

LowFare+ and Flex

If you've booked a LowFare+ or Flex ticket, the Economy menu is included for your flight.


There's a price list for pre-ordered meals as well as individual snacks and drinks on the Optional service charges page here.


International long haul

Pre-ordered meals - LowFare tickets

  • 45 USD per person, each way

Snacks and drinks on board

Light meals, snacks and drinks are available for purchase on board most flights. Onboard purchases may be charged in a different currency than stated below. Prices may change without notice.

  • Non-alcoholic drinks: 4 - 5 USD
  • Alcoholic drinks: 7 - 15 USD
  • Snacks: 4 - 8 USD
  • Fresh food: 10 - 11 USD

The Economy menu is described here at Norwegian's site here:


First service

  • A cold pasta/salad starter
  • For the main course you’ll get either a meat or fish dish with vegetables and potatoes or rice
  • The meal is rounded off with a dessert
  • Coffee/tea is served after the meal

Second service

  • A snack bag which includes a sandwich, a sweet or savoury treat and a juice box
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    I know the point is to get you to buy a more expensive fare or bring your own food, but $45 is a truly incredible price for an airline meal. – Zach Lipton Apr 8 '18 at 18:14

As of early 2018, the Norwegian 787's were pretty nice, with more leg room than most economy airlines. Seatguru shows the seat pitch is 31-32 and width is 17.2. You can find the airports served by Norwegian 787's on their website, which includes New York-Rome. I brought my own food.

I also flew Norwegian between other airports not on that list, on a 737 with less leg room (seat pitch 29-31).

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