I'd like to know if I have the Google Maps location of the Large Bell in Chion-in temple in Kyoto wrong, or if it's temporarily closed as of this writing (April 2018).

Large Bell (Ōgane + Daishōrō) of Chion-in temple in Kyoto

I visited this bell before by chance around 2015, but I'm having issues locating it on Google Maps. I thought I had found it here, but recently access to it (during opening hours) wasn't possible. All access paths seem to be blocked. (At least 4-5 other groups of frustrated tourists seemed to be trying to access it from a few different places visible on the map, to no avail.) Perhaps the blocks are temporary and the bell is indeed in that location?

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The location appears correct since it matches the official map, where it's #8 大鐘楼. (Note that you need to rotate the 3D-ish official map clockwise around 45 degrees to get it line up.)

Per the temple website, the Miei-do hall is under major construction and won't fully reopen until 2019. However, there is no mention of any work involving the bell tower.

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