I'll fly from Vienna to Porto, round trip, and on the way back I want to bring a bicycle with me.

I've two options for the same price and same schedule but with different airlines.

Option 1, all segments with Brussels Airlines:

Vienna - Brussels - Porto - Brussels - Vienna

Option 2, from and to Vienna with Autrian and from and to Porto with Swiss

Vienna - Geneve - Porto - Zurich - Vienna

As I only want to bring my bicycle in one journey of the trip (Porto to Vienna), I've a few doubts.

Brussels airlines says:

If your sports equipment doesn't fit in the overhead compartment or the seat in front of you, it has to be transported in the hold (width + height + depth max 158 cm).

For Brussels airlines, size and weight does matter and my bicycle size is over their limit.

Swiss airlines says:

We are happy to transport your sports equipment subject to no extra charge, provided that you do not exceed your baggage allowance.

Austrian airlines says:

Sports baggage is carried without a surcharge as long as the baggage allowance shown on your ticket is not exceeded either in terms of the number of items or weight.

For Swiss and Austrian airlines size is not a problem.

They all mention a fee of 50€ for bringing a bicycle but they also mention not having to pay the fee as long as I do not exceed my baggage allowance.

My questions are:

1- If I book an economy ticket with check in baggage (but not bringing any but just the bicycle) will I have to pay the 50€ fee extra for bringing the bicycle with me or that is included and part of my baggage allowance?

2- If I've to pay the 50€ fee is it per flight (making it a total of 100€ to bring my bicycle, 50€ Porto - Zurich and 50€ more for the flight Zurich - Vienna) or is it per trip (50€ for the whole return trip Porto - Vienna, making it a total of 50€)?

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I called Swiss Airlines, which is the ticket issuer, and they told me:

1- we have to pay the 50€ fee regardless we have checked in luggage allowance or not.

2- We pay the 50€ per leg and not per flight. So in my case I'll pay 50€ to bring my bicycle from Porto to Vienna, with a stoppage in Zurich.

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