Ok, I know this comes up every now and then, but the situation at Bokor Hill Station is constantly changing. I understand the area and road is now open, but I'm concerned about the development. The thing that appeals to me is the abandoned nature of the area, but I'm worried this has gone now. I don't mind if the new road has brought more tourists, but how much progress has there been on this Las Vegas resort? Are there the foundations of one or two buildings near by, or is the whole area a building site? I've seen pictures of the old buildings covered in scaffolding, and I've heard you can't go in because they're used for worker housing - is this still the case?

If I can see the old building and wander round them with the new works out of view, so I can get and idea of what it was like a few years ago, I'll probably still go, but if not I might give it a miss.

Any updates, (even better pictures) on this?

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Overall, it sounds like a lot of the new development is happening, and the ruins aren't much to see any more.

This blog post about going there rates the scooter trip there and back as the highlight, and as he cynically puts it:

Because if there is one thing Cambodia needs more of in its national parks, it is apparently golf courses, entertainment complexes and five star hotels with a design that requires suppression of the gag reflex.

The resort and hotel is up and running, with a website with all the details for bookings and the like.

Another blog has a piece written just yesterday about it, which seems to be as recent as you're likely to get. They too point out the casino being a blot on the landscape, and include a picture:

enter image description here (from sconzani.blogspot.ca)

They point out that it's only going to get worse in years to come:

The first stages of the new development have now been completed, with a sprawling and exceedingly ugly casino already open for business. Sokimex have huge plans for their hill – as well as the casino, they plan on constructing more hotels, golf courses, and water parks, as well as a major port complex on the nearby coast, from where they intend helicoptering guests from visiting cruise ships to the plateau resort. It all sounds as hideous as their new casino.

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