I plan to travel to Mexico this May. I am a Bangladeshi citizen with an ordinary passport and only have an Indian visa. I will get a Mexican visa this May.

I am looking into the following travel itineraries:

1. Singapore Airlines

Dhaka (DAC)>Singapore (SIN)>Beijing (PEK) [Layover in Singapore 2h 25m]

2h 30m at PEK

Hainan Airlines

Beijing (PEK) > Tijuana, Mexico (TIJ)

2. China Eastern Dhaka (DAC) > Kunming (KMG) > Beijing (PEK) [Layover in Kunming 1h 35m]

3h 20m at PEK

Hainan Airlines

Beijing (PEK) > Tijuana, Mexico (TIJ)

There will be two separate tickets, as Hainan doesn't have a partnership with anyone on this route. Bangladeshi citizens are allowed up to 24 hour transit in Changi, Singapore. Will I be allowed boarding under such situation? Will Singapore Airlines allow me to travel to China without a Chinese visa (as that is the final destination for me for the first ticket)? Also, is the KMG layover too short to complete the Chinese TWOV formalities?

I would really appreciate your suggestions and advice.


To use TWOV, you don't need to have all flights under one reservation. You just need to have all flights booked, with a printout, to facilitate the formalities, especially for the airlines.

I would suggest to take the longer layover in PEK, for two reasons:

  1. Delays are frequent on domestic flights. You can expect your flight from Kunming to be late.
  2. TWOV formalities are very simple and fast: show up at a dedicated counter, give passport, entry card, tickets printout, and get stamped in. But after that, there's no telling how long it can take to transfer.
  • Thank you. What do you think is the minimum time frame to be safe with the procedures? I cannot find flights with 2hr+ transit at at any of the Chinese airports on my way to PEK. And thanks to your apt advice, I would try the best to give me a longer leeway at PEK. – Aftab Mar 30 '18 at 0:35

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