If your visa is on an expired passport but still valid, can you still use it with your new passport, or does the old passport have to have a recent expiration date? If so, how do you transfer your visa to your new passport?


The answer to this question depends on the country that issued the visa. There are two general situations:

  • The visa in your old passport is accepted in conjunction with a current passport. You need to bring both passports but no other action is required.

    Example: Will my Chinese visa still be valid if I renew my passport?

  • The country that issued the visa requires that the visa be in a current passport. In this case they will offer a service that transfers your old visa to the new passport (they will print a new sticker and affix it to the new passport, and do something like punch a hole through the old one to invalidate it).

    Example: (New Zealand) Transferring my visa to a new passport

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