I am traveling to Granada via Toronto. I live in Michigan and the best flight available was out of Toronto, plus I figured I could explore the city a little before I go. However, I've never really flown internationally so I'm not sure if that adds overhead while transitioning between flights.

I have Toronto(YYZ) -> Miami(MIA) arriving 934AM. Then Miami departing for Grenada(GND) at 10:55AM.

As a US citizen with a passport, will I have to go through any customs for the flight Toronto->Miami->Grenada? If so will 1.5 hours be enough to clear it?

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You will go through United States border preclearance in Toronto Pearson International Airport before boarding your first flight to Miami. Thus, you will not normally have to undergo any border procedures upon arrival in Miami. Be sure to check-in at the Toronto airport well in advance, in order to allow time for the preclearance.

  • And don't forget to factor in the possibility of delays in crossing the land border into Canada from the United States.
    – phoog
    Mar 26, 2018 at 23:06

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