My father had an appointment for biometrics today for his United States B2 visa, but was not allowed inside, as the passport number in the appointment confirmation was wrong. (I made the mistake of using my own number, due to computer problems).

The application fee has been paid to the Embassy with his correct application number, and got a barcode with his application number. Also, the DS-160 has his correct passport number and application number.

The only problem was a wrong passport number in the appointment confirmation, which we did not notice until he went to the interview. He tried going to the office, showing DS_160 confirmation page, his original passport, visa fee receipt and other documents but he was not allowed for biometrics. But with the same application they allowed my mother to get biometrics as we booked their appointment together (my mother's name and passport number were not shown in the appointment confirmation page, as the appointment was booked with my father's name. Yet she was allowed as they checked only her DS-160 confirmation page and passport). We'll see what happens to her consular interview tomorrow. now

  1. What should I do with my father's visa application?
  2. Is my father's visa application considered rejected?
  3. Should I pay the visa fee again to book an appointment for my father again?
  4. In the website my father's consular appointment is marked cancelled but no option to reschedule but there is option to schedule new appointment.
  5. If I try to book a new appointment for my father, it is still taking my passport number in appointment details and it's not possible to edit anywhere while booking appointment on website.
  6. If I have to reapply for my father's B2 visa, how long until I should apply?
  7. Should I fill a DS-160 again to book an appointment again ?
  8. What should he fill for the question "Have you ever been rejected with B2 visa?" in his next application or interview?

Please clarify the above issues if anyone has any experience with this. Many thanks in advance.

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    Someone has voted to close this as too broad. While the body of the question does contain many different questions, they're essentially detailed aspects of the single question, "what can we do now?" If the question were truly too broad, it would make sense to break it up and repost it as several separate questions, but I don't see how that would make sense. – phoog Mar 25 '18 at 23:11
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    Happened to a friend of mine. There is a number/email address for visa applications you can contact. They will work with you to open up the application so you can make the change, or they can do it for you. They will verify your identity through some security question before. They are not the easiest to reach however in a couple of days you should be hearing back from them. – user 56513 Apr 5 '18 at 17:37
  • @user56513 love it, they are not the easiest to reach, that’s the same with all visa/passport matters I think, Swedish consulate in Shanghai is open every other Monday 9-9:30 if it doesn’t rain in Dubai I feel sometimes – Matt Douhan Jul 20 at 23:17
  • Well, it doesn't rain that much in Dubai. – Tomas By Jul 25 at 12:11
  • His application would be rejected, not refused. In other words it never got to a stage where someone looked at it and refused it. So the only good thing is that if you are asked "have you ever been refused a visa", this one doesn't count. – gnasher729 Jul 25 at 19:16

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