He is coming with us (via quarantine) but I'm a bit confused whether it's ok to bring his personal effects with us.

I saw you have declare animal products such as real animals/dead/fur etc, but I'm not sure what the procedure is for standard pet owner items?Travelling from the UK to Australia.

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Yes, you can bring them, but they are considered "used animal equipment" and must be declared at the border for inspection:

You must declare certain food, plant material and animal products.

Live animals and animal products:

  • used animal equipment including veterinary equipment and medicines, shearing or meat trade tools, saddlery and tack and animal or bird cages

Collars and leads should be fine, but the bed may be a bit iffy if it has hair etc, so you'll want to clean/wash it thoroughly first. The customs officer will decide. Even the worst case is just confiscation: you will not be penalized otherwise as long as you have declared them.

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