I'm going to Asia for the summer. I'd like to take a flight going to Seoul/Incheon from San Francisco. I's like to stay there for a few days to tour around. Then I would fly to Manila. So my question is, would the airport keep my luggage for like 2 days. Us Filipinos take boxes to go visit the Philippines. I wouldn't like to take a few heavy boxes outside the airport in Korea.


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    You have to look at whether ICN has a luggage storage service. If so, expect there to be a fee. Mar 22, 2018 at 20:50

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Neither the airline nor the airport will store your luggage for you, but there is a left-luggage service at Seoul/Incheon available in both terminals.

You can book storage online at www.trazy.com Prices vary by size and storage period, but a 'medium' item will cost you US$11.20 for two days. Note that each item you want to store is priced separately.

The company also has other sites in Seoul that might suit your itinerary better.

Disclaimer: This is just one possible service I identified on the web. I make no recommendations, and other services may be available.


This blog post indicates that there are a few companies providing luggage storage. CleanUpAir [what a name...] and SpaOnAir [I think, the Korean version is not that obvious] are on B1, near the train station entrance. Hanjin and CJ are on the check-in counter floor, near M and A respectively.

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