I am an Indian citizen. Recently I got a Schengen visa starting 20-03-18. I wanted to travel to Turkey, so I applied for a Turkey eVisa against the Schengen visa. My Turkey visa starting date is 10-03-2018 (ie 10 days earlier than the validity of the Schengen visa). I was not allowed to board the flight for Turkey on 10-03-2018.

Can I travel to Turkey on the same visa within the validity of my Schengen visa?

PS: My Turkey visa validity: 10-03-2018 to 05-10-18. Schengen visa validity: 20-03-2018 to 03-05-2018.

Now I am planning to leave for Athens on 22-03-2018 and enter Turkey on 29-03-2018 until 10-04-2018.


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While your Turkey e-visa has a validity period, during which you can enter the country at any time, that is not the same as duration of stay. If that the reason that you were refused boarding, then your revised plan fits within the validity periods of both your Schengen and Turkish visas.

Enter Schengen/Athens 22-03-18 Exit 29-03-18
Enter Turkey 29-03-18 Exit 10-04-18

However, your e-Visa may no longer be acceptable, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Once the e-Visa is processed, none of the information on it can be changed. The information on your e-Visa must be exactly the same as the information on your travel document. Otherwise, your e-Visa will be invalid and there will be no refund for it.

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