I have already read these two questions: If I don't declare a not-yet-used engagement ring at airport security, am I smuggling jewelry? and How do I get an engagement ring past security/customs in an airport without alerting my significant other?, and I saw some valuable advices, but now I want to ask specifically for Russia.

My friends and I are going to Russia, and my friend would like to propose his girlfriend there. What would be procedure so that his girlfriend doesn't find out of course. I have read somewhere that a person can import goods in a value of 1500 US$ and not to declare it, above that you have to declare goods. Ring is of value around 700 US$.

How to proceed?

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By air transport: up to 10000€ and not heavier than 50 kg. I think the engagement ring would pass these criteria.

The goods for private use except transport vehicles imported on customs territory of customs union in accompanied or unaccompanied luggage

  1. Goods for private use (except ethanol and the indivisible goods) transported by air transport:

customs cost of which does not exceed the sum equivalent of 10 000 euros and gross weight of which does not exceed 50 kgs

Source: Federal Customs Service of Russia.

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