I heard a lot of scary stuff about driving in the Dominican Republic. While I realize, that a foreign country can have very very different habits than I'm used to, I wouldn't like to end up in jail or similar.

I'll be visiting the Dominican Republic soon and I'd like to have a good idea of what's it like there. I plan to rent a car in the mid-south of the island and drive to the north to visit the so-called 21 waterfalls.

I have experience driving in Moscow (I'm Russian) and I drove a lot in Europe (I live in Germany).

The general question is: how can I maximize my security, what insurances should I buy, etc, etc, so as not to get problems in DR and manage a good time? I have heard of things such as Casa del Conductor, and similar insurances. I'm hoping to hear from people with experience.

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    @LLIAMnYP I'm sure that if you can survive Russian roads, you can survive DR. However, I've never been to DR, so I don't know what it's like there :) – Matthew Barclay Mar 11 '18 at 0:40
  • @LLIAMnyP - The TripAdvisor website has IMO some very informative posts about driving in DR. The advice is overwhelmingly (but not solely) against driving there. Here are two links that I hope you'll find useful: tripadvisor.com/… ------------------------------ tripadvisor.com/… – RJo Jul 10 '18 at 17:34